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New Life Clinics Charitable Trust Logo - A non-profit, charitable clinic since 1993

5536 N. Copper Canyon Way
Kingman, AZ 86409
(928) 692 - 9594

We are the nation's oldest and largest authority on group, clinical hypnotherapy. Since 1993, we have hypnotized over one-million Americans to lose weight, stop smoking, and to relieve stress free from charge. We have gifted to donors over one-million hypnosis tapes, and CDs to end their disorders. We operate not for profit and provide life-saving charity worldwide. Learn more about New Life Clinics Charitable Trust.

This site is about what we will do for you and how we reduce human suffering and save lives with clinical application of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We are managed by doctors. The hypnosis administered is provided by doctors with no less than two decades of experience. If you want to lose weight and/or stop smoking, read every page of this site. Honestly, it will fascinate you.

If you are overweight, smoke tobacco or suffer from stress, we can help you end those disorders through our free, online hypnosis clinic or with use of our clinical hypnosis CDs in your home.

This site will educate you about hypnosis and how we will use hypnotherapy to provide you relief from specific disorders free from charge. If you prefer treatment in your home using CDs to hypnotize you, we have them available as our thank-you gifts when you make a modest, suggested donation. Click here to learn more about us, our hypnotherapy, and more.

We thank you in advance for your support and visiting us. Please see our menu to find out everything we have to offer on this site.

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The results and effects of the hypnotherapy described in this website are those experienced by many people based on their feedback to New Life Clinics since 1993. However, like any other therapy, your results may vary.

With permission from the patient, hypnosis modifies human behavior. Therefore, there are unknown factors (physical, emotional, and social) that all play their part in the ultimate success or failure of hypnosis for any patient. While we have taken as many steps as we can to assure that our hypnosis works for every patient, it may or may not work for you.

Please don't let this fact deter you from "giving hypnosis a try". While your results ultimately may not live up to our description on the pages of this web site, they stand an equally good chance of far exceeding your expectations as well. This is why New Life Clinics Charitable Trust offers a 100%, no-hassle, no questions asked Satisfaction Guarantee on every thank-you gift of hypnotherapy we provide to donors. If you are not completely satisfied in any way within 30 days of receiving our thank-you gift, simply give us a call and we'll give you a full refund of your donation. We know of no clinic that will provide that same assurance, let alone a charity that is willing to do so.

Adam K. Dean
Director of Operations
New Life Clinics Charitable Trust