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We offer "state-of-the-art" hypnotherapy sessions you simply listen to on your computer, MP3, or CD player. They hypnotize you to get the results you desire. And yes, our doctor's hypnosis sessions honestly do hypnotize most adults who follow the doctor's simple directions and suggestions. Complete instructions to achieve a safe, successful session are included with each MP3 download and CD.

Does the hypnotherapy narrated and recorded on our MP3 downloads and CDs really work?

Based on 21 years of annual CPA-audited IRS form 990 reports to the IRS, our Board-Certified Hypnotherapists and Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy at New Life Clinics have collectively hypnotized over one million people in "live" group and private sessions, plus an additional 1.9 million people have been hypnotized by listening to our hypnotherapy MP3 downloads and CDs. Thousands of these patients were surveyed by an independent laboratory and the City of San Francisco Department of Health's psychologist, we can honestly say...

Yes! Our Hypnotic Therapy Works!

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Want the truth?

Okay, here's the way it is...

We think you'll agree... you get what you pay for. We don't pretend to offer hypnosis "on the cheap", or to put hypnotherapy on sale as most online providers of hypnosis do. Seriously, would you trust a doctor who offers to provide you two surgical procedures for the price of one? Or a dentist who has root canals on sale for 50% off? Then why would you trust any hypnotherapist who offers hypnotherapy at a "bargain" sale price?

Hypnotherapy, done right, is a science and disciplined, clinical procedure which, when listened to "as directed", modifies the listener's behavior to end specific disorders and/or achieve major self-improvements.

Hypnotherapy... "real hypnotherapy" is not used for stage shows, party tricks, or as a one-session fixes all proposition.

We have a better idea.

We are a nationally recognized, charitable, not-for-profit organization. We don't charge a fee for professional hypnotherapy services rendered online via session MP3 downloads and CDs. Indeed, we have nothing for sale.

We are a government-approved, tax-exempt trust operating as an "online" clinic owned by the people of the United States. That means you own a part of New Life Clinics, too. It also means you can trust us.

There is no payroll at New Life Clinics. For the past 21 years we have operated as an all-volunteer organization.

We are managed by doctors and staffed by professional administrators to make certain you are satisfied and receive exactly what you want, when you want it.

We are publicly funded.

That means we operate on donations received from thousands of donors who received our thank-you gift of hypnotherapy from this website. Therefore, when a person makes a one-time, suggested donation to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust (on this website), we immediately provide the very finest in hypnotherapy (honestly done right) as an MP3 download or on CDs mailed to the donor's home as our way to say thank you for their modest support.

Here's the best part...

After the bills are paid to provide this site to you and hypnotherapy to thousands of others worldwide every week, the net proceeds remaining from those donations are used to fund the feeding of thousands of hungry boys and girls. We also support other nationally-recognized charities involved in providing relief to many who suffer and in no way can possibly help themselves.

How much is a suggested donation?

The amount we suggest you donate is typical of what a very good, professional hypnotherapy clinic would charge for an MP3 download or CD of a pre-recorded hypnosis session narrated by a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy to help a patient end a specific disorder or make a desired self-improvement.

We think, after you have explored everything we do for you, plus what you'll receive from this website, you'll find it very affordable.

Note: when you select the session you desire (from the list below), you'll immediately be on that session's page to get information about that session. The donation suggested to receive that session as our way to say "thank you" for your donation is also listed on that page. You also may order your choice of sessions and donate from that page.

Pristine sound quality matters.

All of the sessions you select were narrated by Dr. Robert Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. and digitally mastered by studio engineers to assure pristine sound quality. Our CDs come with an "Iron-Clad, No-Nonsense, Free Replacement Warranty".

Who, What, Where, and When...

Who: Dr. Dean will be your Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He has been in practice for over 23 years as a Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is nationally-recognized for his weight loss and tobacco smoking cessation hypnotherapy. He is also a leading developer of online and pre-recorded hypnotherapy that works amazingly well. You could not ask for a better hypnotherapist to hypnotize you to achieve your goals while listening to him via MP3 downloads or CD.

What: Before your session begins, Dr. Dean will prepare you to experience a safe and luxurious hypnosis session. Each session relieves stress and provides powerful hypnotic programming to modify your behavior to end a specific disorder and/or achieve the self-improvement you desire for which the session is indicated.

Where: You'll be hypnotized in the security and privacy of your own home or in another location that is private, quiet, and secure. You can listen to your sessions while flying or sailing to a destination or in your hotel room while on vacation. You can listen to a session at work during your lunch break on your laptop or car CD player. Warning! Never listen to any hypnosis session while operating a motor vehicle.

When: You listen to your hypnotherapy session as directed, at your convenience. Your session, depending on the session you select, lasts from 19 to 34 relaxing minutes. It’s the perfect time-out from a busy day. Note: To assure a long-term or permanent desired result, listening to a session to be hypnotized for a prescribed number of days may be required.

You receive excellent support from our Doctors and Technical Staff.

You are provided with a telephone number that puts you personally in touch with a New Life Clinics doctor of clinical hypnotherapy during regular clinic hours to discuss your hypnotherapy offered on this website. There is no charge for this personalized service and support.

We present our credentials, endorsements, and references. Have a look. We think you'll be impressed.

Click here to see over 80 references ranging from Law Enforcement agencies, Cities, Counties, Professional and State Associations, Medical Facilities and major Corporations. Our doctors and hypnotherapists hypnotized thousands of employees of these organizations to end their cigarette smoking and/or to reduce weight. We are, nationally recognized and “asked for” to hypnotize the employees of some of the largest state employee associations, corporations, law enforcement agencies and unions in America. When only the best hypnotherapy will do, New Life Clinics is asked for.

Receive what you desire. Take a 30-minute break and experience a soothing hypnotherapy session now.

Below is a list of the most popular hypnotherapy sessions we provide as an immediate MP3 download to your computer or on CDs mailed to your home. If you choose CDs, you’ll receive them in the mail within 3 to 5 business days. Free shipping on all CD orders.

Please scroll down and click the hypnosis session programs you desire more information on. If you like what you see, hear and feel by reading the detailed information provided, simply donate what is suggested only once, and the sessions you select are yours for life. Enjoy!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

New Life Clinics'

Consists of the following FOUR separate sessions:

  1. First Step to Weight Reduction Hypnotherapy
  2. Weight Management Hypnotherapy
  3. Exercise Motivation Hypnotherapy
  4. Increasing Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

New Life Clinics'

consists of the following TWO separate sessions:

  1. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
  2. Relief from Stress and Tension Hypnotherapy

The Family Program

The Family Program

This is New Life Clinics' 10 most popular hypnosis sessions packaged as an MP3 download of a 10-CD album.

Our doctors call it a "mental medicine cabinet". You'll call it amazing!

A complete series of Hypnotherapy Programs and Unique Single Hypnosis Sessions that offers to the adults in your family and your close friends Hypnotherapy Sessions to either end specific disorders and/or to make major self-improvements.

This program is available as a TEN session MP3 download or on 10 separate CDs consisting of the 4 session Weight Loss Program and 2 Session Stop Smoking Program listed above (for a total of 6 complete sessions), PLUS the 4 individual, unique single hypnosis sessions listed below for a total of TEN sessions. This is our most comprehensive array of hypnotherapy sessions that’s like no others online. And yes, this entire 10 unique session FAMILY PROGRAM is very affordable. Donate only once and all ten sessions are yours to enjoy and share for life.

Session #7: Freedom from Depression Hypnotherapy

Session #8: Hypnoanesthesia (Pain Relief) Hypnotherapy

Session #9: Sexual Enhancement Hypnotherapy (for a married or cohabiting couple only)

Session #10: Sleep Hypnotherapy for a good, full night of sleep every time

As you can see, the Family Program has something for most adults in your family, plus close friends, too.

Not sure if you're ready for hypnotherapy?

Learn how our hypnotherapy helps you to improve and achieve your goals in every way, every day...

This site not only provides affordable, high quality, professional hypnotherapy MP3 downloads and CDs, it will also educate you about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We spare you of all the doctor Latin talk. On this site you’ll enjoy learning about this amazing therapy. We think you’ll be fascinated with how it works to get you what you want. And, if you like what you learned, want only the best hypnosis, and make that one-time, suggested donation, Dr. Robert Dean, will provide you you selection of some amazing hypnotherapy via MP3 downloads or on CDs that satisfy. Click to read what Dr. Dean has to say about hypnotherapy and how it really works.

Our FULL disclosures and just good ethics!

The results from hypnotherapy described on this website represent results reported by thousands of New Life Clinics' patients hypnotized by New Life Clinics' doctors and board-certified hypnotherapists and the success results from survey audits conducted by city health department psychologists and an independent laboratory mail survey of thousands of our patients. Your results may be better, worse, or different than those described on this website and/or reported to our doctors by their patients. Click here for our full disclosure and disclaimer regarding our success results.

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