FDA Disclosure

The information, services, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic moods and their computer downloads, audio and video CDs and live, group hypnotherapy sessions advertised or otherwise published on this site (www.newlifehypnosis.org) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The information, products, gifted CDs, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic moods and charitable service advertised or otherwise published on this website by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, its Trustees, Directors, and doctors are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The hypnosis provided on this site is administered to adults free from any fees and who donate a suggested amount of money to the Trust. Said hypnosis is a “thank-you” gift for the donor’s support. All hypnosis on this site is administered via pre-recorded media. Therefore, all hypnosis administered by pre-recorded media is technically simulated clinical hypnosis. Simulated clinical hypnosis has proven to be as effective as “live”, in-person hypnotherapy for the particular applications of hypnosis offered as thank-you gifts to donors on this site.

Web Site, Dr. Robert G. Dean, and/or any authorized narrator of hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions do not practice medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy or psychology. Web Site, Dr. Robert G. Dean, and/or any authorized narrator of hypnotic moods, hypnotic feelings, hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions only practice clinical hypnotherapy, group hypnotherapy and, on this web site, simulated hypnosis in the form of streamed hypnotherapy, hypnosis downloads to donor’s computers and pre-recorded hypnotherapy on CDs mailed to donors.

Hypnotic treatment means, for all intent and purposes on this site, causing a modification or change in one’s habits, feelings, emotions and/or behavior that is desired by and beneficial to the donor/client. For instance, to be helped to stop smoking tobacco, reduce caloric intake for weight loss, drink fresh water, safely exercise, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, reduce physical discomfort, reduce or end common (mild) depression, enhance marital sex, sleep better, feel happy or to have fun, be at peace or feel good and related issues like these on this site are not the practice of clinical psychology or medicine. However, the type of hypnosis provided on this site to achieve those results causes the donor/client to deeply relax. It is a medical and psychological fact that deep relaxation is good for one’s immune system and promotes other physical and mental health enhancements. However, that is not the intent of the hypnosis provided on this site. It simply happens to be an indirect benefit by default.

There are claims or statements published on this site that infer, imply or stipulate that hypnosis has caused a specific result for many or for past clients or will for the visiting reader if used “as directed”. Further, said claims and statements are stated to be what the donor/client will experience, should experience, or may experience. It is not guaranteed or warrantied he/she will experience what is stated. It is merely suggested what has happened to many or will likely happen to the donor/client is based upon years of experience with hundreds of thousands of donor/clients hypnotized in the past.

Hypnosis is a science and an “art” in its execution. Therefore, due to reasons known and unknown, not every person who visits this site or who becomes a client/donor can be hypnotized. Therefore, there is no assurance that every individual will experience a desirable outcome from the hypnosis administered. Each donor/client’s result may vary. No hypnotic experience for one individual, be it live or simulated, is the same for another individual. They can be similar, but not identical. Therefore, the descriptions of a given hypnosis session offered and its intended result is described on this site as an average or typical result derived by a consensus of opinion of New Life Clinics’ administering doctors based upon their client interviews and surveys. It should be noted that all of New Life Clinics Charitable Trust owned web sites provide a free, simple test that all visitors/viewers and/or prospective donors may administer to themselves to determine if they are hypnotizable.

A list of situations and/or human conditions that exist that prevents a person from achieving a state of hypnosis is also provided on said sites. Finally, a free hypnotherapy session may be streamed to one’s computer so that a site viewer/visitor and/or prospective donor may experience a hypnotherapy or hypnosis session to further ascertain if hypnosis works for them and if it is or is not beneficial to them. Therefore, one may safely decide without any risk, cost or obligation with scientific information, facts, a test of one’s susceptibility to hypnosis and experiencing a free hypnosis or hypnotherapy session if the hypnosis offered by New Life Clinics in any format (streamed, downloaded, or on CD) will work for the visitor/viewer. This is to assure that before one makes a donation to the Trust, its thank-you gift of hypnotherapy given to a donor is most likely going to work as suggested and will be of value to the donor if listened to “as directed”. However, visitor/viewer and/or prospective donor understands by use of this site that due to the complexity of the human mind and the use of hypnosis in modification of one’s behavior that no result, positive or negative is guaranteed by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, its Trustees, Directors or Dr. Robert G. Dean.

The description of what a hypnotic experience and result is for many may or may not be the same for a given individual. It is a “majority or group experience” that is described on this site, and in some instances, published as the likelihood or probability of what he/she will experience. As an example, for the site to make a statement, “you’ll love it” or “you’ll lose weight” will not be true for every donor/client or reader. It is believed, however, that it will be loved and/or the donor will lose weight by the vast majority of donor/clients based upon many years of experience with thousands of successful donors/clients provided the service or hypnosis involved. For those who did not love what was involved or did not lose weight or those who were told they would have a specified experience or outcome from the hypnosis session provided and did not have that experience is herein advised that this disclosure serves to provide advanced notice that what is stated or specified may or may not be so for all donors/clients. Therefore, there is no satisfaction guarantee or remedy of satisfaction. Perfect results for everyone are simply not humanly possible. Therefore, when you read what our hypnotic session does, it is true for many, but may not work that way for you.

In conclusion, you make a modest, suggested donation; stream or download your selection of a hypnotherapy session or receive a hypnotherapy CD as our thank-you gift for your donation and use the hypnosis session “as directed”. If you experience desired results, that’s the Trust’s intent. If you did NOT experience what we said you would experience within 30 days from date of receipt of the hypnotherapy provided, and you used the hypnotherapy “as directed” then we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. Please understand the net proceeds from your modest donation were used for charitable purposes and our hypnotherapy was a thank-you gift for your donation with the intent that gift would benefit you as claimed. If it did not perform as specified for you, we have no way of rectifying that experience in spite of our best efforts to hypnotize you to experience a long-term, desired result. And, again, we apologize for that. You can feel good knowing your modest donation was used to help reduce human suffering.

The Trust has nothing for sale. It asks only for a “suggested donation”. If the donor agrees to donate what is “suggested” or more, then the Trust thanks the individual donor with a specified gift of hypnosis. If the donor chooses to donate less than what is suggested, then we thank the donor for their modest contribution with their selection of our gift provided the donation meets or exceeds what it costs the Trust to provide and deliver to the donor said gift. The Trust cannot afford to give the donor a thank you gift that cost more than the donation received. In the spirit of charitable giving, the transaction between the charity and the donor is exchanging of gifts. Your gift of money is used to cover the cost of the gift and its delivery to you, plus help us meet our tax-exempt, charitable purpose (feeding hungry children, etc.). Our gift is given to you as our way of saying thank-you for your modest support with the expectation and intent that our gift to you will delight and satisfy you if used as directed. Keep in mind, in spite of the extraordinarily high success rate our hypnotherapy has provided to over one-million donors, it will not be successful for everyone and may not be successful for you.

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust and its site, newlifehypnosis.org, has no way of knowing if its charitable services, including its variety of hypnosis sessions, streamed hypnotherapy, and hypnotherapy CDs will work for and/or satisfy any donor/client. We “assume” many, if not most, donor/clients will be satisfied. Again, the truth is, there is no way we could “know” IN ADVANCE our charitable services and hypnosis sessions will satisfy ANYONE. Therefore, the site, New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, its volunteer Trustees, Directors, Doctors, Hypnotherapists, Administrators, Contractors and Vendors do not guarantee that the desired and positive results of others as advertised on this site or through other media will be the same for you.

In summary, the Trust has nearly two decades of experience in creating and providing charitable services and thanking over one-million donors for their support with hypnosis sessions. The results of this experience gives New Life Clinics Charitable Trust a reasonable foundation upon which to express to prospective client/donors the results they may expect after receiving our charitable service or hypnotic treatment(s). Consequently, it is declared herein that past positive results is not a guarantee of future positive results but are merely relied upon to give one the possibility or probability of what will happen in the future.

It is not the Trust’s desire or intent to hide anything or distort the true meaning of anything on this site. All of the site’s policies are found by clicking Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Donation Agreement, Medical Disclaimer, IRS, FTC and FDA Disclosures located at the bottom of every page of this website, plus its detailed descriptions of the Trust’s charitable services and thank-you gifts of hypnosis sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, and CDs. If you require more information, please click the contact link at the bottom of any page of this site and ask for what you want in an e-mail to us.

We believe our policy to be transparent and by fully disclosing all matters of importance reflects our attitude and ethics. We know of no other web site that offers clinical hypnosis to provide the degree of clarity, transparency and disclosure that New Life Clinics Charitable Trust does. All citizens have a right to full disclosure and transparency because New Life Clinics Charitable Trust is owned by the people of the United States (that’s you, too). Therefore, every citizen has a right to know all about the Trust and its functions. The result of this is you may have full confidence in this charitable trust to provide to you state-of-the-art hypnosis to say “thank-you” for what is considered by many to be a modest donation suggested by the Trust.