Privacy Policy

We may place a cookie (a fragment of computer data) on the hard drive of your computer to better facilitate future visits to our site by you and to provide to you, from time-to-time, important information about the hypnosis we provide or that you have downloaded. If you do not wish to receive updates and critical information when it is released, simply opt out of the e-mail where indicated on the e-mail and you will not receive any further e-mail from us.

We do not release any information about you, your visit to our site, any donation you may make, any hypnosis session(s) you download, stream to your computer or listen to on our compact discs or information about or in your computer you gave to us to anyone unless forced to do so by a court order. We will not sell information about you or your computer to anyone. Your name, e-mail address, and other information you provide to us about you is kept strictly confidential, properly stored and guarded by an alarm system, and locked from public access.

We conform to all credit card handling and security standards set forth by our merchant account vendors and banks. All credit card information given to us by you is kept private and secure by us in a steel safe. After a specified time set forth by the trustees of the Charity or the credit card/merchant account vendor, said information is shredded in a shredding machine and then properly disposed of. Depending on how you donated, the credit card bank and the processing merchant account bank will properly protect the credit card information you provide to them per their published standards. We do not have access to any of your credit card information provided directly to the merchant account bank regarding your donation to us. Any credit card information you provide to us by telephone, or in an e-mail or processed by us online outside of the PayPal credit card processing system we keep locked up and alarm protected for a length of time designated by the participating merchant account bank and/or as stipulated by the Charity’s Finance Director after which it is shredded and properly disposed of. If there is a dispute about our charge for your donation to us on your credit/debit card, the credit/debit card bank or company will provide us the information we must have to settle the dispute.

We cannot be responsible for anyone who successfully hacks into our vendor’s storage of our computer data or to the merchant account bank’s storage of your credit card information. No site, and its data storage system, is hack proof. Even the Pentagon’s computer data has been hacked into! We do keep all data in a guarded, secure storage area. That data is encrypted. Data sent to us by e-mail or telephone and written down is locked in a steel safe. We have every reason to believe the data you give us about you and your credit card or your visit to our site is as secure as can be with state-of-the-art technology currently used by our storage vendor and at our secure, alarmed and locked facility.

We thank you for visiting and for your support.